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Chinmayi miffed with Dubbing Union’s latest demands to reinstate her!

The disagreement between singer, dubbing artiste Chinmayi and the Dubbing Union over the decision of the latter to terminate her primary membership from the Union refuses to die down with the singer taking exception to the latest demands made by the Dubbing Union to reinstate her.

At a press conference that was held today, the South Indian Cine, Television Artistes and Dubbing Artistes Union office-bearers are reported to have said that the singer would be made a member of the Dubbing Union again if she paid an advance of Rs One-and-a-half lakhs and also gave a written apology to the Union. After this, if she made out a fresh application form for enrolment as a member, she would be made a member, they are believed to have said.

While the dubbing union says that they have debarred her for not paying the subscription fee, Chinmayi claims she is being victimised for being a part of the #MeToo movement.

Taking exception to the conditions laid down by the Dubbing union office-bearers, Chinmayi tweeted in a sarcastic tone.

“Apparently I have to pay 1.5 Lakhs, send an apology letter and THEN the dubbing Union will reinstate me and let me work in Tamilnadu in Tamil films.The Union has made lakhs from my Income since 2006. And I have to pay 1.5 lakhs again for my right to work.

“With all due respect very big actors and directors are ‘Lifetime Members’ of the Dubbing Union after dubbing perhaps one film or two on a friendly basis. I have been working since 2006 and I have to become a ‘New Member’ :),” she said.