Actor Arun Pandian beats Covid; undergoes angioplasty!

The daughters of well known actor, producer Arun Pandian recall how their dad managed to overcome Covid and get blocks in his heart removed

Keerthi Pandian and Kavitha Pandian, the daughters of well known actor, producer and distributor Arun Pandian, have today recalled how their father, by remaining strong and acting with presence of mind, had managed to not only overcome Covid but also get two blocks in his heart removed in the nick of time.

The post titled, Being hopeful and thankful, was posted by Kavitha Pandian, a producer herself. It was also shared by her sister, Keerthi Pandian, who made her acting debut in the recently released Tamil film Anbirkiniyal.

Here is what the post said…

“Amidst all the chaos around the second wave, one night Appa complained of mild chest pain and discomfort in sleeping.

“We took him to emergency, and all seemed fine but the doctor suggested he stays over night in the hospital. The following day he tested positive for COVID. We decided to home quarantine him in Tirunelveli with medical help visiting us for the first 7 days. It was a very scary 15 days for our family as appa is diabetic.

“He had taken the first dose of the vaccination which might be the reason why it wasn’t that severe for him. Appa was quite sure the chest pain had to be tended to and he waited to be tested negative.

“After 7 days of being tested negative, Appa went to Meenakshi Mission, Madurai to get a complete heart check.

“All the superficial tests suggested that he was completely fine but he wasn’t convinced and the echocardiographer Dr.Pavithra advised appa to take an angiogram. They performed the angiogram and found he had multiple blocks with two blocks that were 90% which needed immediate attention.

“The doctors said he had arrived right in time, recognising the heart issue.

“We decided on getting Angioplasty done, and the hospital scheduled this on emergency basis for the very next day. Everything happened too quickly, as he was just recovering from COVID but, Appa was so strong and more than ready to get the procedure done. We had a million questions to ask them about the procedure and the recovery process, Dr.Ganesan who performed the angioplasty for appa, patiently explained everything without missing a single detail.

“The procedure went on for about 2.5 hours, normally it wouldn’t take that long but the doctors tended to even the smallest of the issue. We saw appa right after the procedure, though in a lot of pain he was completely fine.

” The next 24 hours they had him in the Critical Intensive Care Unit, under observation. This was very taxing for our family, having to go through this during the Pandemic. To be EXTRA cautious, and not all of us could be around appa as it might put him in danger, maintaining social distance when we all wanted to be right next to him. All through this, we only had to trust the hospital in taking care of appa.

” As a family we have immense gratitude towards Meenakshi Mission Hospital. From the very beginning they kept us well informed about every step of the procedure. The after care given to appa by every staff, nurse and doctor was truly a blessing. My superhero Appa is fine now and the road to recovery has been good.

“The last month has been quite a roller coaster for our family but all through this being positive was the only thing that kept us going. Especially appa; he was mentally so strong and he willed to get better. He was able to figure out something was not right.

“It is VERY important that the elders in our family do regular health check ups after a certain age and to listen to their body when it shows signs. PLEASE do not take the smallest indication also for granted, timing is everything when it comes to crucial decisions regarding health. PLEASE get vaccinated, wear mask and stay safe.