Review: LGM

Director Ramesh Thamilmani and his unit deliver a neat clean engaging family entertainer that is boun

LGM review

Film: LGM (Let’s Get Married)
Director:Ramesh Thamilmani
Cast: Harish Kalyan, Nadiya, Ivana, Yogi Babu, R J Vijay, Venkat Prabhu, VTV Ganesh, Srinath, Vinothini Vaithyanathan and others
Cinematographer: Viswajith Odukkathil
Music: Ramesh Thamilmani
Producers: Sakshi Singh Dhoni, Vikas Hasija
Duration: 153 minutes
Rating: 3.5 stars

Director Thamilmani’s LGM, which has been eagerly awaited by both fans and film critics as it happens to be the first film produced by ace cricketer Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Dhoni’s, Dhoni Entertainments, is an entertaining romantic comedy that wins your heart and leaves you smiling by the time you leave the theatre.

The film tells the story of how the dynamics of relationships have changed with time.

The film begins with Gowtham (Harish Kalyan), a handsome young man working in an IT firm, falling in love with a woman in his office called Meera (Ivana).

Gowtham and Meera show interest in one another but it is Meera who determines the terms of the relationship.

First, she tells Gautham that although she is equally interested in him, she needs time to decide. She gets Gautham to date her for two years, after which she makes up her mind.

When she finally agrees to marry him two years later, Gautham is overjoyed and takes his family, which primarily comprises his widowed mom Leela (Nadiya) to Ivana’s place to fix the wedding.

Intially, all seems well but Meera, who has the potential to see ghosts where there are none, suddenly gets worked up when she realises that she will be living not just with Gautham but also with his poor mother in the same house.

She gets agitated and tells Gautham in private that she only wants to live with him and that she cannot live with his mother as well.

Gautham gets annoyed by Meera’s sudden change of heart and says he cannot let go of his mother, who has lived all her life for him, for her sake.

Needless to say, the wedding gets called off.

However, some time later, Meera again decides to revive the relationship. She invites Gautham for a cup of coffee in office and says she could agree to live with him and his mother, if she gets to understand his mother well.

She suggests that both families go together on a trip to Coorg, again a place of her choice. If during the trip, she finds his mother to be okay, they could go ahead and marry. If she doesn’t find his mother okay, she tells him that they could part as friends.

Gautham is not pleased but has no other option but to agree. What happens when both families go on a trip is what LGM is all about…

Director Ramesh Thamilmani, who makes his debut with LGM, seems to have struck a six right in the first ball he has faced.

He delivers a clean, comprehensive story that works on almost all counts. LGM has a well-thought out plot at the core of its heart. The plot provides scope for good humour which makes the film incredibly interesting.

Ramesh Thamilmani not showcases his prowess as a director with LGM. He also proves his mettle as a music director.

Actress Nadiya, who had a huge fanbase when she was a top heroine in South cinema several years ago, shows that she hasn’t lost her touch of class even one small bit. She comes up with a commanding performance as Leela, to win your heart.

Harish Kalyan, a gifted actor who seems to be making considerable progress with each new film he signs, delivers a fine performance as Gautham. He brings to life the character of a life of a man who is caught in the cross-fire between two warring women.

Ivana as Meera also impresses. She comes up with a performance that is so realistic that it actually starts making you hate her for the pain she causes to everyone around her.

Actors Yogi Babu and RJ Vijay too come up with commendable performances in this film. Their impressive performances keep the proceedings lively.

To cut a long story short, director Ramesh Thamilmani and his unit deliver a neat clean engaging family entertainer that is bound to leave you laughing and satisfied.