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Proud to be the only heroine to have worked with all the veteran female actors: Jyothika

Actress Jyothika has said that she feels proud that she is the only heroine to have worked with all the veteran female actors from the past.

Speaking at the audio launch function of her upcoming film, Jackpot, which also features actress Revathy in the lead along with her, Jyothika said, “ I would first like to thank appa Sivakumar. He is always someone who gives me a lot of positive energy. I am acting in a 2D Entertainment film after a gap of three years. This is a special film. This is a new story and I have never acted in a story like this before. We would have done a lot of shocking actions and expressions. Director Kalyan, who has directed this film, is like a live wire and therefore, I said okay the moment I heard the story. I need to specially thank Kalyan sir because he has given me a role that is equal to that of Revathy ma’am. I respect Revathy ma’am a lot and am a huge fan of hers. Be it in stature or experience, I am not even quarter of her. So, to do a role that is equal to hers, I felt very large as an actor. I need to thank director Kalyan for it.

“Kalyan sir never thought that heroes weren’t doing this film. He wrote the script like he would write for heroes and said I will get these two ladies to do all that the heroes do and he really made us do it. It was really like a hero film. I have done a lot of powerful roles. But the songs in this film were really very powerful. Every time there is a ladies’ get together in any house, they are sure to play this film’s songs. The stunt masters have included all kinds of stunts in the action sequences without doubting whether I, a mother of two kids will be able to do them. The faith that they had in me made me do all this. I thank them. At this time, I also need to mention Brinda master. We shot two songs with over a hundred dancers in the hot April sun. We finished two songs in three days. We took one and a half days for each song. This needs to be mentioned because this is women power. I have worked with several male dance masters. They will take three days to shoot a song.

“A very special moment with my husband during this film was that he bought me an action kit. It had a harness, shoulder pad, guard and other such stuff. He told me “From now on, you will need this. This is from me to you. Keep it.” This was a big inspiration for me. To get an action kit from an action hero felt great. Be it anything, Suriya has been there pushing me and supporting me. That is why I am here before you today. He is my biggest strength.

“I have always observed that when people refer to a heroine, they say that she is a heroine who has acted with Sivaji sir, MGR sir or they will sa she is a heroine who has worked with four superstars or they will refer to her and say that she has worked with Ajith, Vijay, Suriya. I wish to very proudly say today that I am the only heroine who has worked with all the veteran female actors from the past. There is a huge list. Urvashi ma’am, Bhanupriya ma’am , Saranya ma’am and Revathy ma’am, of whom I am big fan. I will next be working with Sowcar Janaki ma’am in my next film. I have also worked with Chachu ma’am as well. There are many more names. I consider this as a gift that cinema has given me. “

Actor Suriya, who too was present on the occasion, said, “Today’s hero is music director Vishal Chandrashekar. I consider my wife Jyothika to be my jackpot. She is a person who gives her 100 per cent to any task that she undertakes. She is a mother who does not compromise at all and does things 200 per cent right. She is someone who selects all her films after a lot of thought. When I saw some of her action sequences, I wondered how she had so nonchalantly managed to pull it off. She learnt the martial art of silambam for a period of six months. I again learnt a lot of things from Jyothika. “

Speaking on the occasion, director of the film Kalyan said, “I consider 2D Entertainment as my big jackpot. I went and narrated just three scenes from the film to producer Rajasekar Pandian. He immediately signed a cheque and handed it to me. I then narrated the script to Jyothika ma’am and she said, “Let’s start shooting immediately.” On the sets, she would do her role so powerfully that it would make me wonder if whether actor Jyothika had turned into Suriya. We are glad that Vishal Chandrashekar, who is a powerful music director, has worked on our film.”

Producer of the film Rajasekar Pandian said, “Suriya being my friend is my jackpot. We have never laughed as much as we laughed when we heard this script. People come to 2D Entertainment thinking that we take stories that only have messages. If you see, the name 2D Entertainment itself has Entertainment in it. So, we look to entertain people first and in the process, send out a small message. Usually, our films will have 70 per cent entertainment and 30 per cent message. This film has 95 per cent entertainment. Director Kalyan and his team are really hardworking and they have done a fantastic job in this film. “

Distributor Sakthivel of Sakthi Film Factory said,” Usually the success of a film will be known only after the first day first show. However, we know that this film is a success even before the first day and first show because already several theatre owners in Tamil Nadu have been calling us and asking us for this film as it is that good. Among all of Jyothika ma’am’s films, I like this film the best.”

Speaking on the occasion, Music director Vishal Chandrashekar said, “To be honest, 2D is the best production house that I have ever worked with. Be it hospitality or production or for that matter everything, they were the best. It started with Rajashekar sir. The way he asked whether I would be willing to do this project and the way everything worked out was perfect. Kalyan sir came and narrated the story to me. He is a very innocent person and I loved working with him. I was so happy to see Suriya sir and Jyothika ma’am at the pooja. That was the first time I was seeing them and I was delighted. That is because they are the heartthrob of nineties’ kids. Kalyan sir was fantastic and worked at a blistering pace. I don’t even know if he sleeps. I need to learn from him on how to stay focused. He is a very hardworking person. I learnt a lot working on this film. There are a lot of good memories of this film.”

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