Won’t enter politics, says Santhanam

Actor Santhanam has trashed rumours that claimed that he was to join the Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP). The actor has said he won’t join politics

Santhanam says no to politics

Actor Santhanam has trashed rumours that claimed that he was to join the Bharathiya Janata Party (BJP).

At a press meet called to promote his just released film Biskoth, Santhanam made this categorically clear.

With Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu round the corner, there have been rumours doing the rounds that the BJP has been trying to rope in actors and actresses in Tamil Nadu into its fold. By doing this, political pundits say the party hopes to increase its vote base in the state.

What gave credence to such claims was the move by several actors like Namitha, Gayathri Raghuram, Gauthami, Radha Ravi, Madhuvanthi Arun and more recently, Kushboo to join the party.

It was under these circumstances that rumours began doing the rounds that comedians like Vadivelu and Santhanam too would be joining the party soon.

However, Santhanam, responding to this rumour said, “This rumour is a bigger comedy than my film Biskoth. I have no intention of entering politics.”

Director Kannan, who has directed Biskoth, narrated the difficulties that they had been put through due to the pandemic.

“We had finished our film and had planned it for an April 14 release this year. However, with the lockdown being announced in March, we had to wait for eight more months before we could release this film. Only we know the pain that one has to undergo when one has completed a film but is unable to release it for eight months,” Kannan lamented.

He also thanked Santhanam profusely for coming to his aid.

“If it hadn’t been for Santhanam, there was no way this film would have released. We reached a point wherein I needed 50 lakhs in two hours to have this film released. I didn’t know where to go for help and turned up at Santhanam’s door. He gave me the funds and helped release this film in 600 screens,” Kannan said.

Kannan said that the nine-month delay in releasing the film cost them an additional three crores in the form of interest. “Thankfully, financier Ram Prasad has said granted us time to pay up this money in our next film,” Kannan added.