Review: Por Thozil

Por Thozil is one investigative crime thriller that you cannot afford to miss for anything in this world.

Film: Por Thozhil
Director: Vignesh Raja
Cast: Sarath Kumar, Ashok Selvan, Nikhila Vimal
Music: Jakes Bejoy
Cinematographer: Kalaiselvan Sivaji
Rating: 4 stars

It is only once in a bluemoon that you get to watch a film that’s been made with so much passion and commitment that you don’t feel like leaving the theatre even when it ends.

Director Vignesh Raja’s ‘Por Thozhil’ is one such film.

The film, the title of which when translated means ‘The Art of War’, is just a gripping investigative crime thriller, that keeps you on tenterhooks, right from the time it starts till the time it ends.

The story has been penned by two writers Alfred Prakash and Vignesh Raja. Both of them seem to have poured their soul into narrating this story and it shows.

The manner in which the plot is laid out is neat. Details of how cops carry out an investigation into serial killings are shown in an extensive and accurate manner. The story is realistic, hard hitting and pulsating.

The story in brief:
When Prakash (Ashok Selvan), a topper at the police academy joins duty, he is assigned to work with a seasoned officer called Loganathan(Sarath Kumar), who
has a long and distinguished record in the force.

Initially, Prakash, who rates himself high, finds it hard to get along with the extremely short tempered Loganathan, a cop who has had a tough childhood.

However, the two cops, with styles of working that are remarkably different from each other, learn to tolerate one another and work as a team up to track a serial killer, who takes immense pleasure in killing young women.

Veena (Nikhila Vimal), who has done her masters in Massachusetts in the US but still chooses to work in India just for the sense of satisfaction she derives by knowing that her work makes a considerable difference in the lives of many here, is also a part of the investigation unit.

Together they get down to the business of tracking one of the most daring and brutal serial killers ever. How they do it is what Por Thozhil (which when translated in English means ‘The Art of War’) is all about….

The film is just so engaging that you can hardly take your eyes off the screen for even a moment.

Apart from the brilliant manner in which the story is narrated, the film also has some really fine performances to offer.

Actor Sarath Kumar, who plays the senior cop Loganathan, just revels in the role. His stern look and tough attitude along with his sharp retorts make him a mean cop. He fits the role to the T and delivers an exceptionally brilliant performance as the battle-hardened senior investigator who seeks no rewards for his outstanding work other than the satisfaction of completing the task that has been assigned to him.

Actor Ashok Selvan, who plays the greenhorn Prakash, is not far behind when it comes to delivering an impressive performance.

He is sharp, alert but also tries to camouflage his fear by trying to learn everything there is about policing.

Deep down, he is a fighter and despite being insulted time and again, chooses to stick on to the force and prove his worth. This is probably Ashok Selvan’s finest performance till date and is likely to fetch him recognition.

Nikhila Vimal as Veena too delivers an impressive performance in the film. Gentle yet firm, Veena has her priorities in order and knows exactly how to help a person in need. Nikhila Vimal, who was missing from the Tamil film scene for a while, seems to have made a sterling comeback with this one.

Late actor Sarath Babu too delivers an outstanding performance in the film. Sarath Babu has left us with yet another memorable and endearing performance.

Por Thozil has everything working for it. From a good plot, to great narration to outstanding performances, to exceptional tech support, everything is spot on. In fact, all three technical departments of the film– music, cinematography and editing — have delivered some fascinating output.

Jakes Bejoy’s music is just an integral part of the film. The background score is so apt, that you hardly notice it and accept it as part of the story telling experience.

Cinematographer Kalaiselvan Sivaji’s visuals give you the best view of each scenario. And editor Sreejith Sarang’s efficient editing, keeps the story tight and intense.

In short, Por Thozil is one investigative crime thriller that you cannot afford to miss for anything in this world.