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A film produced by 50 producers!!!

Nedunalvaadai, a film that marks the debut of director Selvakannan, is to release on March 15.

The trailer has already caught the attention of critics and film buffs.

More importantly, the film has been produced by 50 producers and all of them are friends of the director.

The story of how this film was made is a fascinating one! The entire film has been funded by the friends of the director!

Talking at a press conference organised by the team recently, one of the producers said, “We were students of Sankar Polytechnic. We all met at the Alumni meet in 2014. That was the time when Selvakannan asked us money to make a short film which he could show to producers in order to earn their confidence and get them to produce his film. All of us pooled in money and gave it to him for a short film. He made it but still couldn’t find a producer.

“It was then that we decided to produce it ourselves in the next year’s alumni meet. From then, all our friends working in different cities in different parts of the world started sending small amounts. Using this amount, Selvakannan made this film. All of us trust Kannan and that is why so many of us joined hands to produce this film,” one of the producers said.

The producer went on to add that the director had to face a lot of problems as the funds would only come in small portions. “On top of this, the heroine left the film after the first schedule. The heroine at that point was Adithi Menon. So, all that was made until then with so much difficulty went waste and had to be reshot from the beginning. Despite this setback, all the friends chose to back him again and sent whatever they could and it is with this film that Selvakannan has made this film,” the producer disclosed.

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