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Yogi Babu, Yashika Anand-starrer Zombie close to being completed

Zombie, a comedy film about zombies, has been in the lime light for quite some time now. Produced by Vasanth Mahalingam for S3 Pictures in association with Muthukumar, the film features Yogi Babu, Yashika Anand, Gopi Sudhakar, T.M. Karthik, Manobala, Anbudasan, Bijili Ramesh, Ramar, Lollu Sabha Manohar and Chitra Akka.

Sources say that the film’s first schedule was completed on time. The second schedule, which is is currently on, is to go on for another fortnight. The completion of the second schedule will mark the end of the filming.

At the moment, important portions involving the lead artistes are being shot. The shoot is happening only during night across resorts like VGP as the story of this film is set inside a resort and happens during the night.

Recently, a grand scene featuring Yogi Babu, Yashika Anand, Gopi, Sudhakar, Bijili Ramesh, Karthik, Chitra Akka and other internet sensations along with 200 young women was shot. It is actually a pre-climax scene in which Zombies and the lead characters meet each other.

The film’s story happens during a single night on the Chennai-Pondicherry ECR stretch. With the film on the verge of being completed, the Zombie team is keen to release the film this summer.

Premgi Amaran is composing the music for this film, which has been directed by Bhuvan Nullan R.

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