Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai launches trailer of Kannada cinema’s first biopic ‘Vijayanand’

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai launched the trailer of ‘Vijayanand’, based on the life of eminent industrialist Vijay Sankeshwar

Bangalore, Nov 20 (COIN) Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai on Saturday launched the trailer of director Rishika Sharma’s upcoming biopic, ‘Vijayanand’, based on the life of eminent industrialist Vijay Sankeshwar, the founder of the immensely popular VRL Group.

Interestingly, ‘Vijayanand’ will be the first biopic film in Kannada cinema.

Speaking at the event that was held at the Orion Mall in Bangalore, Bommai praised Vijay Sankeshwar, on whose life the film is based.

Calling Vijay Sankeshwar, as “a man with hunger for adventure and challenges”, The Chief Minister said, “They call him a venturist. I call him an adventurist. The silver lining in his success streak is that he has achieved success with certain principles and idealogies, both of which he has never compromised.”

Watch trailer of Vijayanand here

Bommai also said Vijay Sankeshwar, whose VRL group is a leader in the logistics industry with an impressive fleet of 5500 vehicles, had other defining qualities that set him apart from the rest.

“He would not hesitate to call a spade a spade and call something that was wrong as wrong,” the Chief Minister said, and added, “They have to introduce his life story as a subject in the IIMs.”

The film, which will feature actor Nihal as Vijay Sankeshwar, has been directed by Kannada cinema’s youngest woman director Rishika Sharma and is scheduled to hit screens on Decemeber 9 this year.

The biopic is being released in five languages including Kannada, Telugu, Hindi and Tamil and will release in 1500 screens in India and over 200 screens in the US.