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RGV’s Naked Nanga Nagnam to release tomorrow


Following the super success of his film Climax, which was released on the Any Time Theatre (ATT) platform Shreyas ET, director Ram Gopal Varma is now all set to release his much-awaited next film titled Naked Nanga Nagnam on June 27 on the very same platform.

Interestingly, Naked Nanga Nagnam will be the second film to have a direct release on the ATT platform under RGV World.

The movie will simultaneously be available in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Hindi, making it the first to be released in five languages on the platform.

Needless to say, expectations for Naked Nanga Nagnam have risen by leaps and bounds after the phenomenal success of Climax.

Climax, which was the first to release on Shreyas ET, the ATT (Any Time Theatre) platform that was launched by the Shreyas Group, South India’s No. 1 Movie Events and Promotions, set the cash registers ringing.

The ATT platform, which was expecting only 50,000 views, saw a whopping 2,75,000 logins and 1,68,596 paid views within the first 12 hours of Climax’s release. The final count read 2,89,565 paid views overall!

Applauded as the gamechanger in Indian Cinema, Shreyas ET’s first release RGV’s Climax received huge appreciation from cinema lovers. Having introduced the concept of Online Theatre in the world of cinema, with better server infrastructure and smooth user experience, the newer version Shreyas ET is all set to impress with a line of blockbusters that are up for release – aiming for at least 50 releases by the end of March 2021.

Apart from RGV World, over 10 other multiplexes will also witness the direct release of Tollywood films 302, Shivan, and more. Shreyas ET will also be the only platform to have a straight release of the Telugu version of Nayanthara’s upcoming Kollywood movie, and this will mark the beginning of a long association between Shreyas ET and the Tamil audience.

Viewers can download the Shreyas ET on Google Play Store and Apple Store.