Here’s why actor Sasikumar is proud of Bhavani Devi, India’s first fencer to qualify for the Olympics!

Sasikumar had supported Bhavani Devi by providing her Rs two lakhs to train. The young swordswoman, had thanked the actor for his help.

Sasikumar and Bhavani Devi

Tamil actor and director Sasikumar is extremely happy about Chadalavada Anandha Sundhararamana Bhavani Devi ‘s success at having become the first ever fencer from the country to qualify for the Olympics

Yes, the young girl, who hails from a middle class family in Washermanpet in Chennai, had six years ago approached the actor for funds to help her train and participate in a fencing competition in Italy.

Sasikumar had supported the girl by providing her a sum of Rs two lakhs then. The young swordswoman, had then come in an auto along with her mother, to thank the actor for his help.

Today, six years later, Bhavani has made the state proud by becoming the first Indian to qualify for the olympics in the sport of fencing.

Sasikumar, who took to Twitter to express his joy at Bhavani having qualified for the Olympics, tweeted, “My hearty congratulations to Bhavani who has qualified to compete in the Olympics in the discipline of Fencing. Feel proud and happy!”

One must bear in mind that Sasikumar himself has a lot of debt to pay off. But despite that, the actor and director had not shied away from lending a helping hand to a struggling sportsperson.