Want to act in a Tamil film on Women’s cricket? Read this!

Lyricist Arunraja Kamaraj is to make a film on women’s cricket and what’s more, he is to select the cast of the film after an audition…

Lyricist Arunraja Kamaraj, who shot to fame with the song Nerupu Da, is to turn director with a film that will revolve around the sport of cricket.

Yes, more interestingly, the film will be based on women’s cricket.

The director, who says he was driven to cinema by direction, claimes that direction has always been his passion and aim.

Says the popular lyricist, “I wrote and directed many short films and participated in many short film competitions and also worked as an assistant director in Vettai Mannan to polish my directorial skills. Now, I feel confident enough to direct a movie. This is going to be a sports-based film, focussing on women’s cricket.”

Stating that he wrote the script for this film much before the recently concluded women’s cricket world cup in which the Indian team performed well, he says, “This story will be about following our passions and how crucial a family’s support is to a person chasing her dream. This film will beautifully portray a father and a daughter, who wants to make it big in women’s cricket. I have also written a few moving scenes inspired from real life.”

The director has announced that he will be conducting auditions to cast the heroine and the supporting cast of his film. He said, “We are going to conduct an audition to cast the heroine and supporting cast. We are looking at people who can both play cricket and act well. We are determined to showcase many unexplored talents and I’m sure the audition process will go a long way in helping us achieve that.I am really excited about my dream being realised.”

Those interested in auditioning for a role can send in their portfolios to iswearicanact@gmail.com, the director said.