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Film: Rambo: Last Blood

Film: Rambo:Last Blood
Director: Adrian Grunberg
Cast: Sylvester Stallone, Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adriana Barraza, Joaquín Cosío
Rating: 3 stars

The fifth instalment of the Rambo franchise, which also happens to be its final one, is easily the most violent of the lot.

In Rambo: Last Blood, Stallone does not fight for a nation. He fights for a single person. This time, the fight is for his niece, who heads to Mexico in search of her father despite strong warnings from Rambo. The young girl, who gives the elders at home the slip, to arrive in Mexico is deeply disappointed as her father shows no remorse for abandoning her.

Even before she can recover from her disappointment, another woman called Gizele, whom she considers her friend, sells her off to a notorious gang that is into the flesh trade.

Trapped, scared, and abused, she has nowhere to run. By the time Rambo arrives to rescue her, things are a little too late.

But then, they do unleash the beast in Rambo, who literally does tear the heart out of the one responsible for her plight…

Of all the Rambo films, Last Blood is the bloodiest. The manner in which Rambo goes about eliminating the unit that descends on his home to seek revenge for the brutal beheading of one of its leaders is just downright brutal.

From chopping limbs off to blowing heads off with a shotgun to driving thick rods into your opponents’ head, some of the most brutal ways in which death can be handed on a platter are explored in this last part of the Rambo series.

The film starts off on a slow note and Stallone looks aged and worn out. It even makes one wonder if he will even be able to pull off any of the fancy stunts that he did in his earlier parts. But all those doubts are put to rest by the time the film ends.

Some would say it is the most fitting way to end a franchise that has for long been one of the most cherished by Hollywood fans. I must say I am inclined to agree!

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