Producer of Sivakarthikeyan’s Doctor, KJR, breaks silence; explains his difficulties to fans

Producer of Sivakarthikeyan’s Doctor, Rajesh, has said he does not want to talk about the release of a film during a pandemic.

In the wake of speculation on social media that a fight had broken out between the team members of actor Sivakarthikeyan’s upcoming film Doctor over the date and medium of its release, the producer of the film Rajesh, better known as KJR, has issued a statement, saying he does not want to talk about the release of a film during a pandemic.

In a statement that he put out on his Twitter account, the producer said, “You have been asking us for updates about #Doctor everyday. As a producer, I am bearing all the financial and material constriants caused by Covid 19 with a fully-ready film in hand. I’m doing everything within my power to get the film the right release.

“Losing near and dear ones to the second wave on another hand…

“At a time like this, where nothing is certain, I do not want to talk about something celebratory like #Doctor release. Please understand and oblige.

“Stay home, take care of your family, respect the regulations. We as a country need to recover to rejoice a release. “

  • KJR

Earlier this morning, Twitterati started wondering why the director of the film Nelson had unfollowed the producer and why he in turn had unfollowed the director.

Speculation began with one set of people on social media alleging that disagreements had erupted between various team members over the producer’s decision to release the film on OTT instead of theatres.